Bill of Entry/Export
1 Declaration Reference number is already exist Call to Customer care for Registration(C) number
2 Nature of transaction code is already exist in the control file Check field no 24 in Bill of Entry page which will be like ( 0 1 ) for L/C type documents..
3 If container number 1 exists, container flag must be 1 For FCL container Container Flag (C.F) field-19 will be 1 & for LCL container C.F will be 0
4 Supplementary unit must be empty In Item page quantity/unit (field-41) is will be blank
5 Supplementary unit is mandatory In Item page you have to input quantity/unit (field-41)
6 Warehousing is regime In B/E page WHS Code-WH01 & WHS time-180 is mandatory (For IM-7 & CPC 7100)
7 Warehousing is not regime In B/E page WHS Code & WHS time will be blank except CPC-7100 for import documents
8 XXX bank code exist in the control file Type correct bank code or type OTH for unlisted bank
9 Warehouse is not regime. (EX-2) In B/E (Ex-2 & CPC 2100) only WHS time will be 180
10 xxx must be greater than 0 Udate by pressing TAB Or Check Allowable Deduction
11 Unknown Error Have to check Office Code.If 303 Field No-29 must be filled up
12 Unknown Error Check Country Exp code,Country Dest.Code,Delivery Terms or Sector & Fund Source is blank Or B/L No wrong
13 Unknown Error Have to check Office Code.If except 303 (Field No-29) must be blank
14 Consignee Code is already exist in the control file "Have to Re-type the Bin Number Or We have to ensure that the Bin No which is inputted will match with Office Code.Bin No may be CUSTOME or CEPZ"
15 HS Code is not found Check HS code & type correct HS code
16 Unknown errore for Import If no errore is found after check,we will ensure that HS Code,CPC & Extention No is corerect
17 "Country of xxx code is different from country of reference" "For local Import Cntry.Exp.Code will be BL and CO.Code will be BD. For local Export Cntry.Exp.Code will be BD and Cntry. Dest. Code will be BL."
18 Declarent code inexistent Have to check AIN Number
19 Suspense entry Check WHS Code & WHS Time
20 Custom extended procedure code is compatible with general procedure Have to check HS Code,CPC and extention
21 Same occurance of product/country in one previous item In Bill of Import (IM-7 & CPC-7100) for multi Item,we have to input HS Code extension Number 001, 002, 003----from 2nd Item
22 Unknown errore for Import(Casual) Address-1,Address-2 & Permission No mandatory
23 Code for placing loading/Unloading exist in the control file(B/E) Field No 27 will be BDCGP & Field No 30 will be 301BD01
24 Preference code already exist in control file In Item page (field-36) Agr.code will be blank
25 Terms of payment code exist in control file Sector and Fund source must be Digit
26 Terms of delivery code exist in control file Check for correct Delivery Terms (Fiel No-20)
27 If deducted xxx exists,licence no must be exist If CRF/EXP No (Field no-44) in the first Item is filled up,CRF date can't be blank
28 xxxx (Country Code) exists in control file Check Country Exp.Code & Country Dest. Code & re-type those codes in Capslock
29 Bill of export by air From Dhaka Air port "Place of loading/Unloading will be BDDAC (Field No-27).Location of goods should be 101BD01(Field No-30)
30 For Ex-3 (Re-Export) Previous document is mandatiory (if CPC-3052)
31 For IM-6 (RE-IMPORT) Previous document is mandatory for CPC-6022
32 Exchange rate is different from Server,local check must be done Update your documents by pressing TAB then Submit
33 Your Invoice mismatch Please check whethere Total Invoice value is not equal to items Invoice Value which should be equal
34 You have some blank items, please check it Please chechk whethere you didn't save items as per your declaration
35 Your Number of Package mismatch Please check whethere Total Package is not equal to items Kind of Packagee which should be equal
36 Net mass not greater than gross mass Please check Gross Weight & Net Weight where Gross Weight must be or equal Net Weight/td>
37 How to submit multi line B/E ? Please ensure that you are eligible for Multi Line.If yes fill up the B/E as usual.Then go to ''B/E list for multi line'' and input line no & Bl no accordingly from ''Add Additional Line'' link against that SAD ID & then final submit it from multi-line Bill of Entry list
38 What will be the manifest no of "Multi-line bill of Entry" ( Suppose Imp. Rot. 1215/10 & Line no from APL-01 to APL-06) 10001215,APL-01.02-06 if oil bond multi-line then 10001215,APL-01#02-06
39 Manifest no already used Document is already saved against that manifest. So call to Customer Care to know the information against that manifest no.
40 Can't open home page Check your network connection first. If OK then contact with Customer Care
41 How can you see the container report if container is more than four ? Go to Bill of Entry list & click on Container Report
42 Final Submit Disable, Why? Click on Check in Bill of Entry list whether Calculation is OK or not.If OK then check you have sufficient balance or not
43 All Container information not showing Please click on View More link in 1st item page's container list section and the Save
44 After final submit Line number/BL no mismatch Please copy-paste the Line no and Bl no from IGM and then Submit
45 If two or more invoice no against one B/E Click ''Add Additional Information'' link in B/E list & type your additional Invoice no there.You can type any additional information in that option which is related to B/E before final submit
46 Can't see the IGM from Check the document Please be ensure that the IGM is submitted.If submitted then check the IGM is accepted by Customs as Prior IGM or under processing of amendment
IGM related
47 IGM submitted successfully but Customs can not see that, why? Make sure that you final submit your IGM against the rotation number
48 Wrongly declared vessel. How can you cancel? If customs assigned rotation number then contact with custom authority for their permission and provide a photocopy to CCD else go to vessel declaration page. Click delete link against wrongly declared vessel
49 Want to change consignee name on IGM If final submited than submit amendment against the IGM. After customs approval you can edit your IGM.If not submitted, go to Assign/Edit Consignee under accessibility of your IGM
50 Request send for final amendment, but customs can not approve that Please check whether you have sufficient balance or not at your treasury account
51 How to apply for DG cargo permission? Update your IMCO, UN & technical remarks field against your IGM. Then click ''Submit application for navy approval'' link against your line number. You must select your line number from right corner of FORM-D section and fill up the form properly. Click submit
52 How to Submit Amendment request? Step-1:Go to Submit Request for Amendment under Accessibility from you IGM,Step-2: Click on New Amendment,Step-3:Fill up the below informations and then click on Save/Submit
53 How to Submit Final Amendment request? "Step-1:Go to View Request Approve list under Accessibility from you IGM,Step-2: Click on All List from right side of amendment request,Step-3:Click on Update Amendment, Step-4:Fill up the below informations and then click on Save/Submit Or You can send it from My Task List"
Prepared by : Customer Care


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